Tuesday, May 25, 2010

24 Weeks

These are some early presents for Ben. This weekend Mom and Dad Thomas are coming to visit, we are super excited, and then next weekend we get some down time. After that, each weekend is as follows: Graduation, Baby Shower, Baby Shower, Baby Shower, Baby Shower, Wedding, Baby Shower, Wedding. That brings us to the weekend of August 7th. So, even though I have the weekdays to recover, I am really trying to finish up projects here and there to get ready. Plus, if you didn't notice, that is 8 weekends in a row of dressing up! Ack! What am I gonna put over my watermelon?
Eating: I am eating well! Normal things, and I can put away a good amount if I want to. However, it might take twice the amount of time it used to. My big time cravings: avocados (still), but being passed up by strawberries, and toaster waffles. That is still exactly what Ben wants to eat, and he doesn't care what time of day it is, either.
Energy: Feeling pretty great! Sometimes I get tired early, but nothing too noticeable.
Weight: 137
Belly: Strangers I see throughout the day are becoming more and more confident that I am pregnant. They will congratulate me, or ask me if I'm expecting. They are very lucky I am, but to be honest, I look pregnant. True to my body's tendencies, I am round about the middle, sticks around the outsides. The problem will be when Ben is a year old and I still look like that...
Sleep: Getting profoundly worse. Can't get comfortable, even with my Snoogle and Ben propped up on some blankets. My arm and shoulder fall asleep within minutes, and I HATE turning over!! The worst is that all day I have no problem being my calm, happy self, generally. However, in the dead of the night my thoughts are not as fun. I find myself an hour into picking apart some problem or another that does not have a solution. Then I get even more pissed off that I am awake. This morning I woke up at 5:30am... we will have to see what tomorrow is like.
Things I Did: Mimi came to visit! We had a blast! We talked a lot (of course), I took her to the Cliffs for some lunch, and she taught me to knit! We found the most beautiful little yarn shop with the sweetest owner. There is a little garden in the back where you can sit and ask questions, chat and get help when you make mistakes. She even makes tea! Its... heaven. I've since been back and brought Bond. Today I finished my first project! I also finished reading Jane Eyre for my mommy book club on Wednesday, what a great read, it didn't make it onto my high school reading list. I loved it. Next month we are reading Wide Sargasso Sea, which is the story from the perspective of Mr. Rochester's first wife. I am hoping that will be a good read as well.

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