Friday, July 30, 2010

34 Weeks

We got the high chair in the mail today and wrote some more thank-you notes. I'm losing weight! I'm down to 142 today, kinda weird. Still 40". We have an appointment with Dr. Safarik and a baby basics class this week, and my friend Juliette is scheduled for a C-Section on Monday. I can't believe we are just days away from meeting Jillian, and Jules has been just ahead of me this whole time. That means, pretty soon... Ben will be here. Unbelievable.

I am being spoiled by my friends. Sarah made us enchiladas the other night and Scott loves them so much I think he would have cried if he came home today and they were all gone. Bond came over last night and made us S'mores bars. YUM. I can't stop eating them. Tonight, its nachos. Mexican themed week I guess. Steph packed up some boxes and tomorrow she and Scott will pick up the U-Haul and hit the road. I can't believe it, July is over.

The house is slowly emerging from the clutter that has been taking over for the last few weeks. its looking like my house again, only- with baby stuff. :) Yay. I'm so excited to have Ben here. So excited. A little nervous about delivery, but so geared up for this baby. So... I guess I will be writing that over and over again for about six more weeks! Haha!

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