Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nesting and the Overwhelming Anticipation

I was all geared up to write this long romantic blog about how wonderful it is to get the house ready for Ben, and to know how soon he is coming... and Blogger almost sucked the life out of me by just being ridiculously hard to maneuver. Anyway. Vent over. Romance begins!

I rearranged the house and organized some of the crannies and nooks... set up lots of cute stuff so I could look at it. Some stuff he will have zero interest in for quite awhile, but still. I'll enjoy it.

His nursery is still underway, lots to do and figure out in there. Lots still in UPS trucks. Some stuff just plain lost, and I don't know how because I feel like I have gone through every box, bag and corner in this house. I keep starting a show while I'm eating and then noticing it about thirty minutes later, paused, and realizing I forgot all about it in my next excited project. I bought some airplane sheets and decals, decided they weren't the right colors and bought some more. Scott hesitantly asked me last night, "So, how much more stuff are you thinking you'll need?" I love how he words things very carefully, to let me know that whatever I 'need' is just fine with him, he just wants to know how big of a chunk of life savings needs to be transferred over to satisfy my hormonal whims. I list off the other things I just ordered while we were sitting together and then say that I think I am all done until after the baby comes. He swallows and taps away at Quicken, nodding cautiously. Its really not a lot. Boxes and boxes arrive, and somehow get sorted out until they dissappear into the house. We cleared out spaces for them, so they have places to live, which is good. But I sort of want abundance and clutter. No, I am sure organized and clean is just fine. Abundance and clutter will come later. Not that much later. I also got the cutest closet dividers... well anyway, I will take pictures of the nursery stuff later on and post those.

There is nothing better than summer fruit. It is my favorite season for eating. Peaches, nectarines, watermelon, and.... strawberries. The greatest thing in the world. I have to make sure that I have gorged myself on strawberries before they go out of season, otherwise I suffer all winter. And I have a confession: I returned to sunny-side up. I know, I'm breaking all the rules and could get some crazy bacterial something-or-other but I went eight and some odd months without my beloved breakfast and I just can't do it anymore! It's so delicious and wonderful and I imagine that I think better lately because of it. Its brain food. Don't send me hate mail, because I probably still won't stop. I'm almost 35 weeks and I am turning into a maternity rebel!
This is my view. Leaning way over of course. Look how little and far away my feet are! I keep thinking I am hearing the UPS truck and I get all ramped up but its just the garbage trucks (recycling, yard waste, etc). Wednesday mornings are such a tease.
This tiny lovely is Juliette's brand new baby, Jillian. I got to go visit her in the hospital yesterday (and ran into my OB-GYN outside by the nurse's station). While I was there, one of our friends Niccole (who is also pregnant) came in to visit on her break (she is an XR tech) it felt like home, being at the hospital again. The nurses are so friendly. Anyway, enough of that, on to Jillian. It was such a total experience being in the hospital with Juliette and Andrew, and little Jilli, knowing that in just a blink, this will be Scott and I, with Ben. Seeing her overnight bag on the floor, the hospital buttons and blankets and pillows. And Jillian, who is so tiny, but her tiny little eyes have so much thought in them! She studied me and made little newborn noises, and then floated off to sleep, warm and cozy. Her little feet pushed against my hand through the blanket and it was suddenly so real, Ben inside, pushing his little knee or foot or whatever it is out against my belly button. He kicked Jillian a couple times, hard enough to make her little body twitch up and down a bit, but she didn't seem to mind at all.
 I can't believe that just a couple of months ago, I went with her to a doctor's appointment (how surprised Dr. Safarik was when he saw two of his patients coming in to see him at once! He got double the questions, too, bless that man for not charging me a copay, he never gives you the feeling he is in any hurry at all) and the whole time I am watching him ask her questions, tell her whats coming up, I was thinking, this will be me at my next appointment. And that next appointment came very fast. Now here I was, holding Jillian, watching poor Juliette limp to the bathroom with help from the nurse, thinking... this will be me- any time now. Watching her get back in bed, just glowing and talking about how perfect and wonderful her little daughter is. That will be us. Any time now
Oh, yeah and the dishwasher broke.

Poor guy was up half the night trying to fix it... but he still smiled for the wife. Love him.

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  1. The picture of your toes is my favorite. Not quite there yet, but interesting to see what my future view will be like!