Tuesday, July 20, 2010

32 Weeks

WOW I am so big and heavy and totally done feeling like this. Hopefully (sort of) it will be eight more weeks of the same, so... here we go. I weigh in (at home anyway) at 150 now. The highlight of my life right now is that my doctor spent like ten minutes telling me how I have gained the perfect amount through the whole pregnancy, and how was I staying so thin, and yada yada... probably the second best day ever, first going to the doctor who did the ultrasound saying that Ben was "perfect". I don't feel thin, for the record. And my belly does not look small. But according to doc, I gained like fifteen pounds so far, and thats great. Also, for the record I had nothing to do with this. I eat reasonably, but I don't exercise and I can really put away some ice cream and mexican food. (Ben's favorite lately). So, really, I could have gained sixty. Maybe it was my consolation prize for the two years of infertility, when I used to pray for something, anything, to be easy.

Well, there it is. Hopefully its not my only get-out-of-jail free card, Evon recently told me that Scott had colic and there was nothing you could do for that, just walk him while he cried. Yikes, praying Ben won't have colic. And both of us were jaundiced at birth, so hoping that won't happen either. On the good news side, Scott was only six pounds! Although he had a huge head (for that huge brilliant brain), so we will see how that pans out. I don't remember being a big baby either, but you never know with Ben. Maybe we will be one of those families in Christmas cards with the two short parents and one 6 foot tall kid.

We went to a beautiful, wonderful wedding last weekend, but it was just too much for me. The heat and humidity was brutal for me and I started having lots of contractions the next day, and some nausea Monday morning (on my birthday, boo!). I called my doctor and he is having me do some urine and bloodwork to make sure its not an early sign of pre-eclampsia. I'm sure its fine, I feel much better this morning, and my blood pressure has always been completely normal. But, I should definitely take it easy. I get so frustrated by my physical limits, and just not being able to do the simple things I used to, but that's part of the deal, and it's better to be a loaf than to make myself sick. In theory. So this weekend (a baby shower with my girls in the bay) will be my last trip, only about three hours away. Then I will hang out at home and just try to be as comfortable as I can be until Ben comes. There is plenty or organizing and decorating to get done around here, anyway.

So on that note, another week conquered! Can't wait for Ben to be here!

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